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Why carpet?


Carpet is considered the warmest type of flooring, as it provides a blanket-like surface to keep your feet warm in different rooms throughout your home. Not only that, their fibers are natural insulators which help to keep the warmth inside your home, without it escaping through the material.

Carpet is often installed in bedrooms, family rooms, and living room areas. Products with longer, thicker tufts will tend to have the most benefits in the winter, protecting the space against the outer cold while also insulating the room against heat loss.

A quality carpet pad, such as dense foam will not only make a carpet feel warmer, but it actually improves the its resistance to heat loss in a significant way.


Carpet can reduce airborne noise by 30%. With underlay, reductions of up to 50% can be achieved. It is important to note that sound absorption will be lower if the carpet backing is too impermeable. The ultimate combination for noise absorption is a carpet with an heavy underlay. Also, cut-pile carpet will absorb more than loop, because of the more open nature of its surface.

The next time you’re in a public place, take a look around. Chances are the floor and walls are hard surfaces, which mean that all the sounds made in the facility are just bouncing around without any absorption.

Sound dampening helps background noises disappear, speech comprehensibility increases and occupants automatically speak in a softer, more relaxed voice, rather than generating even more noise by trying to makes themselves heard above the sound around them.